fatbox Software is an independent game development studio specializing in the development of entertainment products for the PC/Mac and IOS platforms. Under this name I am currently working on a work-in-progress game titled Sprint Kart Racing. It is a full simulation of high end go kart racing and will feature customizable tracks and full multiplayer. This game is being developed for iOS and Android platforms. Please feel free to peruse the site. The Resources link contains a bunch of free Unity Source projects, blueprints, and art assets. The Unity Shop section has Unity projects for sale and 3d/2d art assets for sale, all priced for independent developers.

Current Projects

These are links to information on all current (work-in-progress) projects in development at this time.

The Answer is Never! Logo
The Answer is Never!

A group of high school kids in the late 1980's who have nothing but skateboarding to quell their boredom, experience a series of unfortunate events.

Sprint Kart Racing Game Logo
Sprint Kart Racing

Sprint Kart Racing is a simulation kart racing experience for mobile iOS and Android platforms. Experience high stakes racing as you progress your racing career.

The Battle of Gettysburg Game Logo
The Battle of Gettysburg

Experience the three-day battle for Gettysburg, set in the midst of the US Civil War. A minor skirmish soon explodes into the deadliest battle on United States soil.