About the developer

Hi, my name is James Arndt. fatbox Software was formed to sustain myself during times I was unemployed, or without a contract and has grown into a business. Some of this work fell out of the realm of gaming and mobile development in general. I found myself creating vehicles for crash simulations, creating cellular structures for the medical community and creating virtual animals in Unity for anatomy reference. These projects have been my bread and butter work, but I still push forward on creating games to sustain myself and my family. I have over 13 years experience as a digital artist and over 9 years professional experience as an environment and props artist in the gaming industry. I have been on development teams working on projects for Electronic Arts, Activision, THQ, Disney/Pixar, Codemasters and Majesco. I also have experience as a motion graphics designer and as an graphic illustrator.

Commercial Projects

These are some of the games I've worked on over my career and have commercially shipped to various platforms.