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Low Poly Car Pack - Online Garage Sale

So let's explain what it is exactly you are donating towards and receiving. These are 3d model meshes specifically designed to be very light on mobile platforms. With this said, they work blazing fast in web streaming games as well. So here are the final poly counts for these vehicles.


(Note : Each car has (3) LODs (Level of Detail)

The Unity package and Project are based in Unity 5.65

Each vehicle uses (2) PSD file textures. These textures are a base 512 X 512 texture for the entire car body and accessories. The second texture is a 256 X 256 texture for the wheel/rim. They are layered, with properly named layers allowing for easy customization and detailing. Currently the car color (paint) is a single layer near the bottom of the PSD called Base Paint Layer. It uses a Color Overlay layer style to "color" that layer.


The 3d Models are delivered in (3) formats. Maya .MB file format, FBX file format and .OBJ file format. These formats will allow for easy import into any game engine that accepts OBJ or FBX. I also deliver a Unity package file for the full (16) car pack. If you're a Unity user, these vehicles also come with a Mobile Car Fresnel/Reflection shader that uses a single cubemap to produce the reflections seen in the images below.


Your own game projects will use a specific scale set for your game. I've used real world meters and use an FBX import scale of 1.0 in Unity. I've found sticking as close to real world scale as possible helps with smooth physics.


I am also including a text document to provide some guidance on the LOD naming convention, how to use LODs in Unity.

Please use the "Donate" button above. I'm asking for a $10 donation for all (16) Vehicles. ($0.65 US cents per vehicle). Once I've confirmed the PayPal donation I will send over your assets within 1-3 hours depending on time. I am in the US on Eastern time so if you donate while I'm asleep please allow time for delivery.


If you have any requests or questions please submit them in the "write note" field on the PayPal checkout page. You can also email me beforehand at: