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Game Development Resources

A repository of free resources to aid game developers.


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Notable 16th, 17th and 18th Century Ship Blueprints

The shown previews are low resolution samples. The downloadable blueprints

are very high resolution blueprint images.

This is a particle FX pack created in the Unity Game Engine. All assets are bundled into the downloadable project (materials, textures and particle FX themselves). These use Unity's legacy particle system, which is still editable and usable in the latest versions. The Webplayer button is a link to an online viewable demo in 3d (literally watch the particles in realtime).

Unity Game Engine - Particle FX Pack

This is an orthographic race car demo created in the Unity game engine. All necessary project files are included in the Unity project archive. The scene is fully setup to play immediately. Scene includes lap counting/checkpoint functionality and a driveable vehicle using physics. If you have questions about the setup please leave me a comment and I'll respond promptly.

Unity Game Engine - Orthographic Car Racing Kit

This is a simple menu system designed inside of Unity game engine. It uses GUITextures and colliders with raycast triggers. The system works well on PC/Mac platforms and works well for iOS. If you have questions about the setup please leave me a comment and I'll respond promptly.

Unity Game Engine - Simple Menu System

This is a fully driveable vehicle and level environment. The vehicle uses a single box collider/rigidbody combo, utilizing Unity's built in WheelColliders for wheel rotation and suspension. It has a good script for vehicle control on it, that's fully adjustable.

If you have questions about the setup please leave me a comment and I'll respond promptly.

Unity Game Engine - Off Road Truck Racing Kit

This is a fully functional level unlocking/locking system for use in Unity. It utilizes PlayerPrefs functionality to implement the lock and unlock functionality. Please visit the Youtube link button below to view a tutorial on how everything functions within this project. It is not complex, but the visuals and explanation will go far in helping you implement this.

Unity Game Engine - PlayerPrefs Level Unlock System

This is a fully functional Unity driving project. The track is designed based off of Daytona International Speedway. The car is a standard Chevy late model stock car. This project includes driving playability right out of the box, all scripts applied, all prefabs created and used in scene. The scene uses Unity WheelColliders and a custom driving script.

Unity Game Engine - Nascar Racing Demo

An interesting implementation of vehicle physics, combined with a raycast weapon placed on the roof of the car. There are dynamically placed turrets with traditional seek and destroy functionality (with rockets). Enemy and Player both have full health functionality complete with HealthBars and Enemy/Player name overlays all working in the level. Both enemy and Player will swap out to destroyed Prefab models once the player or enemy has died.


WASD keys for driving, spaceBar for brake and Left Mouse Button for gun firing.

Unity Game Engine - Car and Turrets Project

This is a project setup with simple modular street sections and modular low poly buildings. This FBX asset has been designed to be very low poly, and optimal for your mobile development projects.

Unity Game Engine - Modular City Kit