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Low Poly Light Aircraft


A low poly civil aircraft designed for usage in web streaming projects or for mobile development. The exterior aircraft model is 1,860 quad polygons. The interior cabin model is comprised of 2,870 quad polyogns. Models are delivered in .FBX file format. All associated textures are in both .PSD and .TGA texture formats. The interior cabin features fully functional gauges for: Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed indicator, Engine RPMs and Compass. The interior gauges feature needles that have proper pivots, and allow you to easily animate them.

This aircraft is set up with a separate 3D mesh for exterior 3rd person views and a separate model for the internal cabin for 1st person viewing. These can be combined into a single scene and the aircraft viewed as a whole.

Important Rights and Usage Information

All projects and assets sold on this site are royalty free and are free to be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects without credit due to the orginal author.