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Modular Race Track Kit


118 modular track building pieces. These include all sorts of bends, twists, angles and straights. There are (11) different types of trees to populate your tracks with. These trees are between 28 -36 triangles so you can really populate a forest if needed. Each track section averages about 200 polygons, and contains a custom collision mesh which averages about half the count of the art polygon density. The low poly buildings average 70 - 120 polygons each. Smaller props like the starting gates, the light poles, tire barricades average 60 - 110 polygons.

These assets utilize texture atlasing to ensure the developer isn't being wasteful with material usage and helping to keep draw calls down.

Drive around a sample track created with the kit (requires Unity webplayer plugin) :

Important Rights and Usage Information

All projects and assets sold on this site are royalty free and are free to be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects without credit due to the orginal author.