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Unity Space Shooter Project


This is a space shooter project in Unity. You get the F4F Wildcat 3d model, PSD texture (customizable),  the Enemy Spaceship model with PSD (editable) and all associated scripts for the game mechanics are included. These include very detailed settings in the inspector for changing health/damage characteristics on the fly.  There are also script for showing a simple GUI for health and damge. The asteroids, the enemy ships will spawn in waves randomly at predetermined spawn points. You can also fire the wing guns, which emit muzzle flash and a tracer to view the path of the rounds! The enemy ships also fire laser projectiles that have a nice tracer effect. All scripts in this project are Javascript based.

Important Rights and Usage Information

All projects and assets sold on this site are royalty free and are free to be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects without credit due to the orginal author.